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    Video demo issues

    maryk78240687 Level 1

      Hi: I am new to Captivate 9 (I used earlier versions) and am having trouble with the Video demo feature.


      When I record the video demo I make sure that the red capture window is appropriately placed and the application I am demo-ing fits perfectly inside this window.


      However, on playback part of the application I captured is cut off, the mouse movements are inaccurate or missing, and the red capture window is showing. Also, the video is off-center and is showing part of my desktop, which is not something I want to show at all.  I do not see any of the desktop within the red capture window when recording.


      I also tried to snap the application into the red capture window and the application did not fill the window. I had to resize it.


      What am I doing wrong?



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Just a quick question here. Do you foresee that this will be the most often used way of working with Captivate? Video Demo?


          If so, you would do yourself a massive favor by using a different tool. Check out TechSmith Camtasia Studio. It's a tool that is totally geared toward that type of recording and where it really shines is in the editing aspect. So I'd definitely download the eval and kick the tires.


          As far as Captivate 9 goes, I'm wondering if perhaps you need to maybe adjust your computer settings. Somewhere in the settings for your display should be a setting that controls the "zoom level" of text and other items. Perhaps that needs tweaking?


          Cheers... Rick