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    Find/Change Character Format Autopopulates


      I'm trying to use the Find/Change function to change the text color of all Gotham Book text in my document from red to black. When I try to enter "Gotham" as the Font Family in the Basic Character Format section it automatically changes "Gotham" to "Gotham Narrow". If I try to delete "Narrow" nothing happens. If I select Gotham from the drop down menu instead of typing it in, it gets changed to Gotham Narrow.


      I don't recall ever having this issue before. Has this happened to anyone else/is there a way to get it to select only Gotham?


      (Just for kicks I tried it with other typefaces that have a one and two-word name like Helvetica & Helvetica Neue and I was able to select both the one-word and two-word typefaces (so both Helvetica and Helvetica Neue; it didn't auto select Helvetica Neue.)