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    help please


      hello everybody,

      I have a big problem with my catalogue. I keep all may photos on external hard drive, yestarday I pluged in my HD and opened lighroom, it showed as disc F this time and it had used to be disc E before, so  Lightroom did not see any photos on disc E, all were???  it showed disc F with my HD and no catalogue, instead finnally I found out how to change to the path back to disc E. However before I solve this I made big mistake being careless, I moved all my photos from all my folders(about 18 000) into one main "My lightroom photos", I have back up and removed LR catalogue and pasted last back up file. What happened, it opened but showed  all folders with empty photos window with probably edits I did like rates,stars, Now I have all my photos in one folder but without editing information I applied. I tried them manually put back in folders but there is still no editing information even I put some back to the same folders,I tried "find missing photos"," synchronize", "validating dng" I have no idea what to do ,How to link photos with edits I did on them ,At least I have all my photos.

      please help, I m using windows 10 and LR 5.7