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    Flash has started to suddenly begin corrupting my files upon saving.


      I have not made any significant changes and have been using Flash CS5.5 for a good 3 years now, but I've suddenly run into this problem that's making it impossible to work. For some reason, whenever I try and save a file now, "Unable to save the document as "file location", Please try saving to a different filename or to a different location." I do that, and sometimes I manage to be able to Save As in a different name, but after 1 or 2 after that, the same thing happens, and sometimes not at all and I can't even Save As. And if I do manage to save the file, once I get that error message again, I close out the program and it leads me to "Unexpected file format" and I can't open the file anymore, leading me to believe it got corrupted.


      This process works no matter what, even when creating multiple New files with no elements other than a brush tool. I've updated the program constantly through the Help tab and have currently reinstalled the program 3 times now, removing preferences, and the problem still persists.


      This has made it impossible to work on any projects right now; a big file I was working on without a backup (my fault) suddenly got corrupted from this process and I'm afraid of touching any of my other files after that. Does anybody have a fix for this?


      I also keep hearing suggestions that I should clean out the AppData directory, but I can't find it anywhere with Windows search. Is that maybe it?