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    Rotate (permanant) buttons not working as (I think) they should.


      I was upgraded to Acrobat Pro DC from a previous version. After the change over I didn't use it for a couple of months and I didn't use it much before the upgrade.

      Now I am using it all the time.


      I think I remember that in the previous version (don't remember which number) you could just click on the rotate clockwise or counterclockwise buttons and it would permanently rotate the page in that direction 90 degrees for each press. Maybe I am mis-remembering as I didn't use it much.


      With DC when I click the (permanent) rotate buttons it opens a pop up window where I have to make selections. OK, that is annoying but fine. Maybe that is how it always was or just how it is now. It would be nice if it was one click to rotate one page 90 degrees.


      The main problem is this: When I click a rotate button it opens a pop up window. I can select one page/all pages/ every other page/clockwise/counterclockwise/etc. in that window. Let's say I clicked the counterclockwise button and selected counterclockwise in the "Direction" box. Then when I click on the clockwise rotate button instead of the clockwise rotation being selected under "Direction" the counterclockwise is still selected. Direction is always set to the last one I used, regardless if I selected the clockwise or counterclockwise button.


      How do I fix it so the button I use determines the "Direction" selected?



      There really should be two buttons that when pressed rotate the current page 90 degrees in the direction of the clicked button, without pop up windows. There can be a separate, single button for multiple/more complicated pages that opens a pop up window. That one button would work no differently than how my two buttons are working now.


      The pop up window is annoying but I could just hit 'enter' to get though it fast as it defaults to single page except for the defaulting of the "Direction" selection to the last used and not the clicked button.