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    Addition / Subtraction to Custom Date Variable




      Trying to setup a date range based off of when my InDesign document was last modified so I can have an automatically updated sentence like "...will start on August 15, 2016 and end on February 15, 2017".


      Is it possible to do a custom addition or subtraction to the date format when creating a new Text Variable?


      For instance when going to Type > Text Variables > Define and creating a new format, can you do something essentially where you add 6 months the the 'Modification Date'.


      Getting the Modification Date

      Date Format: MMMM d, yyyy (gives you August 15, 2016)


      Possible Way to Modify the Modification Date

      Date Format: MMMM+6MMMM d, yyyy (or something like Excel has to give you February 15, 2017 by adding 6 months to today's mod date)



      Any help would be appreciated.