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    Buttons not acting right when UIScrollBar is added to FLA


      The symptom is that the button cannot be pressed again without moving the mouse. If the mouse is moved to the button, the following trace messages appear:
      onRollOut <-- even though the mouse has not moved off it

      Subsequent presses of the button show:

      Unless the mouse is moved, then it shows

      And the next press will show

      To get the buttons to work (improperly) this way, I must:

      Add the UIScrollBar component to the library
      Pressed on an "asfunction:" link in a TextField

      Now I notice also:
      clicking off the flash window to another window, then back onto the flash window will fix the problem until the next <asfunction> hyperlink is pressed.

      If the UIScrollBar component is not in the library, the problem does not appear.

      The UIScrollBar component is the only component copied into the library. I did not try others to see if the problem is specific to UIScrollBar or if any component would do it.

      I have a menu with hyperlinks at depth menuHolderDepth. If a link is pressed, and the function then clears the movie by calling:
      menuHolder= this.createEmptyMovieClip("menuHolder",menuHolderDepth);
      then the buttons work correctly.

      However, if I simply hide the form with:

      The the buttons do not work correctly.

      Also note:
      on pressing the hyperlink, the text box may or may not have its text changed, including removing the previously pressed hyperlink

      Any thoughts or suggestions about this would be appreciated.

      Also, the code is too big to post, and it is proprietary. If you have seen buttons operate incorrectly before in one of your applications, please tell me what you found to be the cause.

      Kevin Johnson
      Tec Masters Inc.