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    Mobile Apps for Windows 10 Pro tablets

    SysMiHo Level 1

      Hi all,
      I'm new to the forum and I see - I'm not alone with the anger about missing apps for Microsoft Surface Pro - Windows 10.

      What should we do, to get Adobe started in that direction? Since they start tther CC project (all for rent / nothing to earn as a box),
      many of us (designers, artists, photographers ...) had to 'bite the bullet'. How many bullets we hav to bite in the future? Is it neccessary to 'exercise' all of us in using hardware, that Adobe want to be used? I think we all pay a lot of money for CC tools and  yes these tools are some of the best - but if you (Adobe) advertise with theadvantage of your mobile apps, you should offer them for Windows 10 Pro tablets too! Please Adobe - see this lines as an ecouragement! And please Windows users - keep encouraging Adobe to go this direction.

      Mike, Germany

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Mike,


          It's definitely our intent is to bring our mobile apps to Windows. I'm sorry, though, at this point, that's about all I know... I'm not sure what the timeframe is for that.


          I'll pass your comments along to the product team(s).



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            SysMiHo Level 1

            How to believe;
            another couple of months is running down, new features are implemented in CC Tools and NOTHING was done for Win10 mobile apps.

            Take a Surface 4 Pro tab  or the new Lenovo Yoga 2 in 1 (as example) - with their digitizers you are able to draw in the same intuitive and professional way like you draw on an iPad Pro, so why does Adobe not supprt such nice devices? The longer you wait, the greater will be the gap between the iOS and Windows apps.

            This is an Appeal to your developers to make great steps in this direction.

            Please ignore no longer the decissions of many many professionals for the Tools they like to use!


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              Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Mike,


              For high performance tablets like the Surface Pro 4, you can run the full CC apps themselves (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) so there's no need for a mobile app (my opinion). Mobile apps provide a subset of capability to run on lightweight, less powerful hardware.


              If if I could run the full CC apps on my iPad Pro, I wouldn't have any need for PS Mix, or Sketch, etc.


              That said, there are a few that would make sense to bring to the desktop for machines like these: Capture, and Comp, for example, provide some unique tools that could enhance a mobile device like the Surface, even though it runs full desktop apps.



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                SysMiHo Level 1

                Hi Mike,
                in some cases you may be right, but if you think about oportunities given by the spark tools, lr mobile for instance or even comp and capture for very fast results in 'real time' (while a session  or meeting with customers or production teams). On the other hand also 'low performance' win tabs (yoga book 2 in 1) offers great chances.

                I think it is a hoary relic, that designers all work with apple hardware ...


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                  I am new myself. For a few days, I have been researhing what tablet to get for my Adobe Creative Suite, saw the Wacom, HUION and the Service Pro tablet online.  Does anybody have any suggestions on which is the best?



                  I also spoke with adobe and they said that there are apps for a tablet.