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    CFFileUpload won't take onUploadComplete attribute


      My code works fine if I don't include the onUploadComplete event handler.  But when I include it, the ccfileupload doesn't display!  Here is what my code looks like:


        addbuttonlabel= "Select Files"


        clearbuttonlabel = "Clear"

        deletebuttonlabel = "Delete"

        extensionfilter = "mp4"

        height= "500"

        hideUploadButton = "false"

        maxfileselect = "250"

        maxuploadsize = "20000000"

        name = "File_name"

        onuploadcomplete = "finalize();"

        progressbar = "true"

        stoponerror = "true"

        title = "Select files to upload"

        uploadbuttonlabel = "Upload"


        width = "1000"



      The finalize function looks like:


      function finalize() {

      alert('Job completed');




      Anyone have any idea why this fails when onuploadcomplete is specified?