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    Remove Bates Numbering from Multiple Files in a Portfolio?


      I work as an intern for an attorney's office and have been tasked with using Adobe Acrobat's Bates numbering feature to organize documents for a case a lawyer is currently working on. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and included an incorrect post script after the Bates numbers and need to remove the Bates numbering from upwards of 1,000 documents. Looking through the Acrobat manual, it appears I should simply be able to use Tools>Pages>Bates Numbering>Remove and then a dialog box should appear allowing me to clear multiple files at once of Bates numbering, however, instead of doing this, the Bates Numbering is just removed from the document that I have open, forcing me to have to open each document individually and delete its Bates Numbering. How would I fix this, as this project is on a strict time schedule?