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    Disappearing Images


      Images that I insert into a rectangle frame tool keep disappearing when I zoom in closer to the image. I am working in Adobe InDesign CS6 for Mac. The problem is, I created a rectangle frame, pressed Command+D to place a PDF into the frame, and the image appears perfectly in the frame. But when I zoom in closer to the image, parts of the image just disappear, turning white to show the document page in the background. The image reappears when I zoom back out. This is really bugging me and it's hard for me to work with all of these reappearing and disappearing images. Has anyone heard of this problem before?

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          andrewb38571671 Level 1

          I have had weird things happen: I work with a lot of supplied PDFs that have come from CAD and they can do strange things (particularly when trying to print!). Are you working in hi-res mode? See if toggling that changes anything. Where have the PDFs come from?


          When working with large PDFs I often create a jpeg version of the page to place and work with as InDesign will render that a lot more quickly. At the final stages I'll swap the PDFs back in. I'm usually just talking one large image per page though (I annotate the supplied drawings) so if you have lots of them this might not be a good workaround.

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            bernadettem97312066 Level 1

            Thanks so much for your help! I think it really was the PDF acting up and the JPEG versions rendering quicker. I switched out the PDF image for a JPEG and the image isn't disappearing when I zoom in anymore. I was working in hi-res and the PDF was a pretty big file, so I think I will continue to use jpegs. Your solution is a good workaround (there isn't much of a quality reduction from the PDFs to JPEG), so thanks a lot!