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    File size too big on/after export! Takes too long to upload to youtube

    seanm987654 Level 1

      Hey everyone! I always get my question answered so I hope you all can help me out with this. I plan on uploading my videos to youtube but there is a problem. The file size for after effects is way too big so it takes hours and hours to upload to youtube. The original size when it's done exporting is roughly 2,000,000 kb... Which I think is equivalent to 2 GB! That's huge for youtube. Even after I encode it with media encoder, it's still huge. It does decrease the file size from about 2,000,000 kb to 500,000 kb, which is I think a GB & a half decreased off of the original. But I'm looking for the file size to be between 300-500 MB when I upload to youtube. That's about 0.3-0.5 GB. I also used the youtube preset in media encoder on the export. If anyone can help me pinpoint this problem, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!