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    Selector button

    nikkisCallaghan Level 1

      I'm trying to create a selector - user selects multiply or divide, I would like some sort of graphical indication of the current selection.

      I've made a button, but the 'Down' and 'Hit' states are temporary. So I'm looking to change the stroke on the buttons, or the fill, when the button is clicked, and put that code in the 'click' event handler for the buttons.


      My main problem is I can't find documentation about the javascript library that Animate uses. I've looked at the createJS documentation, but I don't know how it lines up with the Animate interface. For example the createJS documentation uses the example myGraphics.setStrokStyle(8...); Problem with that is I'm not sure how to find the Graphics object in Animate that corresponds to the myGraphics part of the example.


      I've taken a course on Lynda.com, and I've managed to find some example projects for Animate CC HTML5 Canvas projects on a blog, but it would be very helpful to find some documentation that fills in the gaps. I feel like I must be missing a key resource for getting to grips with Animate CC.


      I would be grateful if someone could help with these problems.