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    Hybrid between signature and stamp




      I am looking to implement something that would be like a hybrid between a digital signature and a stamp.


      The document in question is a work traveller. It is would be used as work instructions, and also gather data on the part being manufactured using Form fields.


      In the process, I would also like to have signatures of various operators and controllers. The problem being, the document should still be modifier after each signature (only the part after the signature needs modification, but this is a detail). I understand well that this is not something a digital signature allows.


      I have seen, though, that by right-clicking on a signature fields, an option called "certify with visible signature" is proposed. This one allows modification of the document after certifying, but requires more than just clicking the signature field. Is there a way around this ?

      On the other hand, I am aware that there is the stamp option. But I do not like the fact that a stamp can be placed anywhere on the document. I would rather have a field dedicated to it, and in any case I want a password to be asked for each signature or stamp, while different users would be able to sign / stamp with the same user account (shared PC).


      Thank you for your advice,



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You won't be able to use a certification signature for what you want to do. Only one is allowed in the document, and it has to be the first digital signature in the document.


          If you place multiple digital signature fields, users will be able to sign them when needed and certain changes to the document are allowed throughout the workflow (e.g., form filling) without invalidating the previous signatures. The document can be locked to further changes when the last unsigned signature field is signed.

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            cyrilb17515334 Level 1

            Indeed it worked.


            Related to this, do you think it is possible to :


            - Allow only a definite list of users to sign a field ?


            - Edit a script to automatically overwrite the previous file, when signing, without showing the "save as" command ?


            Thank you very much for your help



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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, you can configure a signature field to only be signed by certain IDs. You need to use JavaScript to configure the field and have access to each user's certificate, which you can obtain by having them sign a document. You'll find more information in the Acrobat JavaScript reference where you can read about the signatureSetSeedValue field method. Post again if you get stuck.


              For overwriting, you can try the signatureSign field method, but it seems safer to save to a new file. It has security restrictions, so you'll either need to include the code on the workstation in a folder-level JavaScript file in a trusted function, or include it in the document and certify it, then have the user trust your certificate for privileged JavaScript.