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    Repeater Tool is being weird!!


      I am quite new to the repeater tool and wanted to use it in motion graphics, I wanted a small rounded rectangle to have an explosion effect. So I create 10 copies with it and in the 'Transform: repeater 1' i changed the rotation to 36 degrees, this made it look like an astriek. I was hoping what it would do was each rectangle fly in the direction they are facing(Already key-framed the original rectangle). However, they all move in the direction of the original rectangle. Is there anyway to fix this and properly make the explosion effect?.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There isn't anything weird and the Repeater works exactly as it is meant to be working. You are just not putting in enough effort to get the effect you want by isolating transforms. You simply need more groups. You put the animated rectangle in a group and make it move from left or right, then you repeat the entire group by putting it inside another group and applying the Repeater for the radial array cloning.



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            tarzantnt Level 1

            this solution works for me but i can not understand. all tutorials on the web do it without creating a group. i also did the same. but one day it started doing so,i have copied old layers and tried to change,but no, still the same. if i change content of that layer,repeater starts misfunctioning. i think this is a ae bug.

            my other solution was binding repeater anchor to minus elipse or shape position value with an expression.

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              here is the setup you are after with no additional groups:

              first keyframe:

              second keyframe