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    Presenter 9 - Create a SCORM object without using a question? API error?

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      I am a experienced Captivate user and I am using Presenter 9 for the first time.

      I am having difficulty with creating a SCORM 1.2 compliant lesson.

      My understanding is that to have a SCORM compliant lesson, I need to have at least 1 SCO in the lesson. That SCO has a "value" which can then be referenced in an LMS.

      Typically, using Captivate, when I want to have a single SCO I assign a value to a clickable object like a button.

      The user clicks the button.

      The SCO is triggered.

      The LMS captures the SCO and compares it to what is needed for lesson completion.

      The user is marked as having "passed" the course.


      Using Presenter/PowerPoint, it appears the only way to create a SCO is to have a question that contains a "value". For this example lesson I do not want to use questions. I want to use a clickable object. Can I do that in Presenter?


      Using Presenter, is there a way to assign a SCO "value" to an object (rather than using a question) so that a user can click an object on a slide (in the same way I describe above) so that I can have a SCORM compliant lesson?


      Additionally, I appear to be throwing an error when I import a Presenter SCORM compliant file set and try to run it in our LMS. The error is:

      "An Error has occurred: Error - Unable to acquire LMS API, content may not play properly and results may not be recorded."

      Debugging references:

      In IsLoaded, returing - false

      CP: Can make calls to driver? false

      CP: Recd EI call: Start: ":initialized_bln:Presenter

      CP: Captivate_DoExternalInterface is called with application = [Presenter]

      CP: Command Recd: Start

      CP: Running instance of API not detected in EI handler. Ignoring call.


      Any clues as to what I need to do to fashion a working example of a Presenter SCO?


      Thank you,