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    Quadro & GeForce for 10 bit support

    djeyewater Level 1

      I'm looking at getting a setup for 10 bit editing (actually Photoshop, but this seems like a better forum for advice).


      There seems to be lots of conflicting information out there, my best understanding is that (please correct me if I'm wrong):

      • Many graphics cards support 10 bit, but Adobe software requires 10 bit OpenGL drivers for 10 bit support, and only the Quadro and FirePro cards come with / support these drivers.
      • You can use a Quadro and GeForce card together so that the GeForce card does the processing and the Quadro just outputs to the monitor.


      What I was wondering in regards to the second option is if I could use a decent GeForce card and cheap Quadro card together? I'm guessing that I'd be limited by the Quadro card's output resolution though. So I wouldn't be able to get 10 bit 4K output without a more expensive Quadro card?





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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          those are common beliefs here, but i can't confirm first hand.


          some of the slightly older quadro cards will do 4k/uhd @ 60hz over displayport 1.2. if you aren't looking for a very powerful gtx card, you might just want to keep it simple and consider the quadro m2000, which is close to the gtx 950 in terms of performance. if you were looking at a more powerful gtx then the quadro + gtx might save some money, but you also need to make sure the computer can run two video cards.