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    Converting from 7 to 10: Questions


      We have just purchased the 2015 Technical Suite. We have been using Robohelp 7. We branched our data so I am working with a separate folder. We do not not have links to Framemaker, snippets, or variables. We have an enormous Help project (almost 40,000 html files.) Before we start, yes, I know we need to reduce the size, use snippets, variables and Framemaker. I inherited this thing and have plans to do all that, but first, I'd like to convert to the upgraded software. Also, we are using Microsoft Visual Studio as source control.


      When I opened my first project, I got the message that it needed to upgrade. I expected that. But is it going have ask me to check in every one of those 40,000 files? And it is deleting syn files. Is that a bad thing?


      I guess the two most important questions are : Am I going to have to check in every singe file and is it deleting these files OK? It's scaring me....


      Any advice before I go on?





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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I can't help you on deleting those files but almost certainly you will need

          to check all the files out and back in as the upgrade process will change

          the code in the topics. If a file changes it has to be out for that and

          then back in.


          The other thing you will find with upgrading is that Lists changed in

          RoboHelp 8 so you will need to look at any topic with a list. See "Lists"

          on my site for information.


          I assume that if something goes wrong with the upgrade, your source control

          will allow you to go back to the last RoboHelp 7 version of the help to

          start again. Don't read that as meaning I am expecting it to go wrong.


          If you are feeling sorry for yourself having inherited a 40,000 topic

          project, try a RoboHelp for Word project with 12,000 topics in one Word

          document. Trust me, it's worse. When you can, I would split the project

          into more than one and go for merged help.

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            Amebr Level 4

            I would do the following (wording may vary depending on your version of source control):

            1. In source control, create a label on the root folder so that all the files are marked and you can go back to them. From memory the process is simple, like right-click on the folder > add label.

            2. In source control, do a "Get Latest Files" to make sure you have the most up to date versions of everything.

            3. In source control, check out the entire project.

            4. In Windows explorer, delete the cpd.

            5. Open in the new version of RH.


            I've had the experience where I've repeated steps 2-5 multiple times before it's converted correctly - I have no idea why and I made no other changes to the project. So if it fails first time, have another try.


            I don't know what a .syn file is, so I can't help. Perhaps make backups in a separate folder so you can recover them if needed?

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              To add to Amebr's reply, I too did not recognise the SYN file extension. I suspect it is part of your version control and the support for that should help. If not it could be some other synchronisation software your company operates.


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                chrisbynambrown Level 1

                Thanks, guys. Before I ordered the new version, everyone was saying, oh,

                conversion is so easy, but now that  I have specific questions, I'm worried

                and I think I'll wait until after our next release to start using it. It's

                only a little over a month off....  I did branch my file, so I have a clean

                copy to start over with if needed. Also we have about 20-30 projects that

                I'll need to convert, so I'll take your advice above when I do it. One of

                my big worries in our merged TOC. I didn't hear of any problems., once

                again, before  bought it, but now I'm hearing a few horror stories. After

                this release, I plan to re-organize the help and I can build a structured

                set of projects and bring over a little at a time.  Thanks!!!


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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hi there


                  For starters, I'm going to crawl out on this shaky little limb here and claim that for the vast majority of RoboHelp users, it actually is a very simple process. And that's because the vast majority of RoboHelp users are likely lone authors with no "extras" in the mix. Meaning, there is no Source Control system involved and things like that. And sure, for those, it's pretty simple. Make a backup for Justin, then open your old project in the new RoboHelp. Boom! Easily done and done well!


                  However, your situation involves projects using Source Control. Further, it's not the Source Control that ships with RoboHelp, it's Microsoft source control. So that adds another layer of complexity to things. I'm not claiming it's wrong or bad in any way, just different and adds new elements to the mix of considerations. I liken it to evaluating a new vehicle when you go purchase one. I use my existing truck to carry rocks. Can this truck carry rocks? Oh yes indeed. It can carry many rocks! Then when push comes to shove and a discovery is made that you have not just rocks but several large boulders you need to move, well, things change. Right?


                  I'd say you are spot on with treading carefully. I would too. But your reply comes off as sounding like you feel you were led down a primrose path only to be abandoned at your dire moment. And I don't believe anyone here has intentionally done that.


                  As far as horror stories go, I'm sure they exist for anything under the sun. And folks LOVE to tell stories. And oddly, each time the story is told, it's enhanced along the way.


                  Cheers... Rick

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                    You have added my name to the post saying everyone told you it was easy.


                    I don't recall any other thread that gave the information in this one, 

                    specifically the number of topics and the source control issues. Are you

                    saying that I gave you that impression? If so, in which thread? The link

                    you have posted is to create an email, not to a thread.


                    If it was Sales, twisting what Mandy Rice-Davies said, it's an example of

                    "they would say that wouldn't they". In fairness it normally is,  lists

                    apart. In your specific case, there are some environment issues. Also

                    mid-project is never the best time with complex projects.

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                      chrisbynambrown Level 1

                      Sorry, no one on this thread said it was easy. I just didn't know the right

                      questions to ask. I'm worried about the merged TOC. I have heard a few

                      stories recently about that getting messed up in a conversion. And the

                      problem is, I inherited this merged TOC and there's no documentation on how

                      it is designed. I am tiptoeing around it until after this release. Then we

                      plan to start over with our Help and make some major changes. I wish I

                      could use the new one right now! I love the project-wide search and replace

                      and the new look of the topics. We are really going to use the filter

                      options when we switch to HTML5.  But with the next release coming up in

                      six weeks and work piling on, we don't have time to do it this time. In

                      October, the fun begins!!


                      You may be hearing from me again then.


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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                        Is there some reason you are adding


                        On [date and time], Peter Grainge <forums_noreply@adobe.com>


                        to your replies? Perhaps you are replying by email and not trashing something?


                        As far as the problems you have read about, I wouldn't worry about it right now. For everyone who has a problem, there are often many more who don't.


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