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    Flash class can not be loaded

    blemmo Level 1
      Hi there,

      this is the 2nd time I get this error, now I want to know what's wrong: I have written a class that imports flash.geom.Point. I can use this class in other projects fine, but for some projects, it throws the error when compiling:
      The class or interface 'flash.geom.Point' could not be loaded.
      with a reference to the mentioned class file.

      What's this? Why it's working in other projects, but not in these? As far as I can tell, the projects are not very different from each other, they are different states branching off the same basis project, but they do import different classes besides the class mentioned. Probably some issues with the other imported classes? A working projects imports a second class which also uses flash.geom.Point; the failing project imports another class that does not import any other classes. Can't see something wrong here...

      So, does anyone have an advice on this?