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    Createdate from Filename


      I am importing a heap of old home movie clips to Lightroom.  I had the good sense (I think i did?) to name the files yymmdd_hhmmss so I can see when they were captured and sort them in order.  Now that I am copying them onto my new storage and importing the files into Lightroom SOME are getting the 'Capture Date' of today.  Is there a way to amend the metadata 'Capture Date' using the filename string...?


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          There's no way to do that within LR.  However, if you're experienced with scripting, you could write a script that extracts the date from the filename and uses Exiftool to assign the date to the appropriate metadata field. Then in LR, you'd do Metadata > Read Metadata From File to tell LR to reread the file's metadata into the catalog.

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