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    help needed in making a login screen

    gaurav_ch Level 1
      hi all,

      i need to make a login screen in flash in which a user enters a password and username and both are checked from an xml file. i need your help in making it. could anyone redirect me to some tutorial or if anyone can post the code here, i would really be grateful to you. thanks,

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          First you need to load the xml file that contains the list of user names and passwords into variables using actionscript.
          Use this tutorial. http://www.actionscript.org/tutorials/intermediate/XML/index.shtml

          Then compare the value entered by the user with the list of usernames and passwords.
          But be aware:
          1>All the processing happens on the client machine
          2>Extremely insecure if you are after a secure login.
          3>and when you update the XML file it won't necessarily take effect immediately on all the user's machines as they may be using a cached version of it.

          Ideal method is to use server side validation script using asp, asp.net, jsp or php.