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    Jittery Motion Blur on Stationary Layer


      I have an After Effects project with several .ai files nested in compositions. Because they need to be scaled up I have Continuously Rasterize / Collapse Transformations on in a lot of places to ensure they still come out crisp. I also have motion blur enabled as it's a motion graphics project, and they're doing a lot of moving around and scaling and etc.


      I'm experiencing a bizarre and frustrating bug where motion blur is being kind-of applied to some of these layers even if they're not moving at all. In one instance the motion blur is jittering back and forth between off and on even when stationary, and in another case the motion blur is simply... on, in a certain direction, again, even though it's stationary.


      Jittery: Dropbox - jittery.mp4

      Continuously On (until it scales, for some reason): Dropbox - stationary.mp4


      As you can see neither layer is moving at all, yet motion blur still seems to be applied.


      How can I fix this?


      EDIT: Oh, ad it's worth noting that I don't see this issue in the 'source' composition.


      The project is arranged like this:


      Main Comp > Animations Comp > Individual Animation Comp > Various .AI Layers


      I don't see the motion blur issue is the individual animation comp, but I DO see it in the animations comp.


      ANOTHER EDIT: I've also just found that turning OFF Continuously Rasterize on the offending AI layer WILL prevent this issue... but of course, now it becomes fuzzy and pixelated, because it can no longer be scaled like an AI file.