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    Licensing for Jewelry




      My name is David Haynes. I work for a business that sells sterling silver necklaces and pendants. We were recently looking into a website that sells vectors, in order to avoid any copyright issues with our pendants. I believe I grasped the fundamentals of your enhanced licensing, detailed in your product FAQs, but I wanted to clarify some issues with you to make sure I have no copyright trouble in the future. And, I would prefer hearing my answers from a staff member directly, instead of a product FAQ where there may be confusion.


      As such, I had a few questions regarding whether or not your website would be a good fit for us. We use a design program to trace images and vectors, cut them out of metal and sell them as pendants. Are businesses allowed to resell your vectors and images as cutout pendants? We might be changing the shape of parts of the image and modifying it in some ways. Is this allowed?


      If so, what license would be required in order to do that? And, if so, is there any limit to the number of pendants that we sold or the ways that we advertised using your vectors?


      Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.