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    Phonegap Build can't find npm plugin nl.kingsquare.cordova.background-audio




      I 'm using  nl.kingsquare.cordova.background-audio in an app. It was working fine in phonegap build until last month.

      Now when I try to compile my App, I get the following error:

      Error - The following plugin, plugin version or a dependancy of this plugin is not on npm: nl.kingsquare.background-audio@1.0.1


      In my config.xml the plugin is added like this:
      <plugin name="nl.kingsquare.background-audio" source="npm" />

      I also tried:


      <plugin name="nl.kingsquare.background-audio" source="npm" spec="1.0.1" />
      <plugin name="nl.kingsquare.background-audio" source="npm" version="1.0.1" />

      <gap:plugin name="nl.kingsquare.background-audio" version="1.0.1" />


      Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a Phonegap Build problem?