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    Ray Tracing with NVIDIA GT 750M, Macbook Pro, CUDA 5.0 - Any Workarounds?


      Hey all


      New to the forum and have a question:


      Are there any work arounds for utilising the GPU CUDA function for the Nvidia GT 750M card on a macbook pro, running Adobe After Effects CC 2015?


      It says that only CUDA 3.0 is supported with this card, not the current 5.0 - which seems a bit odd to me as this card isn't that old, and yet 5.0 still supports cards which are older than this.


      I did read about work arounds but fishing thru the package contents of AE CC 2014 and changing some text files / removing some, yet for CC 2015 I cannot seem to find any work arounds.


      I just got off the phone with an Adobe Tech Support guy who said although he "doesn't know" of any work arounds (Im sure he does), he said to ask here in the forums


      Any help would be much appreciated, as I cannot bare using CPU for this upcoming edit :/