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    Google Organic Search Engine

    PensaerDavies Level 1

      The websites I've built in Muse are not showing up in an organic Google search, we have tried adwords on different sites and it has been fairly up and down but it is not driving enough business through my sites.


      An example of a site would be www.championskiphire.com


      I'm pretty stuck on what else i can do to optimise the site in the search engines, i've used the H tags, alt text, descriptions, keywords, social media and a few other things and i can't find anything on the internet to help me, can anyone assist?

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          J-26 Level 4

          The site could use better spacing, text alignment, and color options but I'll focus on technical SEO. Here's what you're missing:


          1. Canonical tags

          2. Open graph tags

          3. Twitter card tags

          4. Any form of schema

          5. Alt tags on your images (you're using title tags)


          These SEO widgets include all of those (minus the alt tags, obviously).


          Also, get set up with webmaster and see what people are searching for when they find your site.