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    Looking for help on making a field mandatory dependent on text in other fields

    michaelp24074303 Level 1

      I have a form that has multiple lines for data input. As an example:


      data1Row1     data2Row1     data3Row1     data4Row1     data5Row1     data6Row1       

      data1Row2     data2Row2     data3Row2     data4Row2     data5Row2     data6Row2


      I am looking for a way to make it so that if there is any information entered into data fields 2-6 within a row, then a message pops up saying that an input is required in "data1" of the same row. It's preferable that the message pops up as soon as the user exits the field. I have tried multiple different scripts with no really success and am at a bit of a loss as to what would be the best method.