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    Weird Image Artifacting Performance

    chirrchirr Level 1

      Hey everyone,

      I'm having a pretty inexplicable problem. I'm using InDesign to print some images on my Lexmark CS510dte printer. This document is multiple pages but uses the samed linked images as source files in different pages. The image sizes are exactly the same, the scale is the same, the resolution is exactly the same, the print quality settings are exactly the same, but only one page that I print out (page five) will max out the quality from the printer, whereas all the other pages print the image blocky.


      These images enclosed are iPhone photos, so obviously not synonymous to scale, but the difference in print quality is pretty marked.


      best quality.JPGblurred out.JPG

      I thought maybe using multiple instances of the link would somehow "degrade" image quality but I checked, and every instance of the image has the same qualities as follows and the images are the same size as follows.

      link settings.png


      I also tried extracting one of the pages from the document into a separate document to isolate a single page with only one instance of the link, but it keeps printing out blocky. Only for some reason, page five prints out ideally.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does anyone else have any suggested leads or things to isolate?