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    How to delete web address extension


      Greetings Adobe Experts -


      My web site www.alphamaleedge.com


      But in order for the home page to load the address has to alphamaleedge.com/index.html


      Can someone please advise how I can get my home page to load without the extension  (/index.html)?


      I called my host provider (Host Excellence) but they didn't seem to know what to do.


      Thanks so much in advance!


      Best Regards




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          PrabhakarKumar Adobe Employee

          Hi Gregg,


          This normally happens with the online CMS website builders.

          So by default every folder on the hosting will have the starting page as index.html (extension can be .php, .asp. .jsp etc)

          But in the case of Muse this is actually not possible till now, but if you want to achieve this target then the action plan will be:

          1. Creating the sub folders in the hosting
          2. You need to create separate  .muse file (Design) for every folder , for example if you want to achieve "www.xyz.com/contact"  then you need to create separate muse design for contact page and during the publish or FTP upload process mention "contact" in the folder on server so that it will upload the files for contact in the contact folder.


          Hope this will work.




          Prabhakar Kumar