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    What is a baggage file?

    mdawn0817 Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp 2015, WebHelp and converting to Word doc then to pdf.


      I'd like to include the pdf version of each module in the online help so the user can print the pdf document. This is a request by the CEO. I've been searching the help and the forum for answers and I'm still not quite sure how to do this.


      I keep reading about baggage files, but I can find no definition of what a baggage file is. Can someone help? Is this what I would use to include the pdf for printing. I'd like the pdf to appear at the bottom of the TOC for each module. The end user can then click on the pdf file and print it.


      Thanks in advance for your help,


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          A Baggage File is a provision for including content that isn't directly linked in some way like a typical HTM page or an image is. Your mention of one or more PDF documents is a perfect example. They are a way to "come along for the ride" just as a comb or a brush or other element would if you packed it inside your luggage (or baggage).


          Depending on your view of the Project Manager pod, you may see a pseudo folder bearing the name Baggage Files. This folder is shown when you are displaying the Project Manager in Classic View. When in Global view, you just see the baggage files among the other content.




          In Global view you right-click the Project Files folder and in Classic view you right-click the Baggage Files folder and you navigate to and choose the PDF (or PDFs) you want to add to baggage. Once added, you are then free to link to them as you would any HTM page.


          Hopefully this helps you better understand them!


          Cheers... Rick

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            mdawn0817 Level 1

            Hi, Rick,


            I found your answer very helpful. I, of course, have more questions. Let me explain how I'm trying to use this to make sure it will work.


            I created a pdf file of the RoboHelp project. I want to include the pdf file in the project when I publish it so that users can click on the file and print it. (Request by upper management to provide a way to print the help.) Is the baggage file method the way to accomplish this?


            I was able to get the pdf file in the baggage file folder. Is there a way I can place just the pdf file in the TOC where the user could click on the file and print it?




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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hello again


              Please watch the video linked below and see if it makes sense.


              Click here to view


              Cheers... Rick