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    Finding the total frames and frame rate of an FLV


      I have to import an FLV into a composition, add something to it, then export it as pngs. The amount of pngs needs to match the total frames in the FLV. I read that the Media Info app was good for finding fps and total frames, so I tried that. The only problem is, Media Info is saying the FLV is 1.78 seconds long at 14 fps,, but when I import the FLV into After Effects, the project window says the FLV is 1:11 seconds long at 14 fps.


      Also, when I drag the FLV onto the timeline, it only takes up 12 frames of the timeline, but it should take up more frames than that if its 1:11 seconds long at 14 fps.


      I'm confused by all of this...I'm pretty sure 14 fps is correct (though when I import the FLV into Flash, it says its 12 fps), but Im not sure how many total frames there should be. Thank you for any suggestions.