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    One of my files got corrupted while syncing to Document Cloud

    villedepomme Level 1

      One of my files got corrupted while syncing to Document Cloud from samsung galaxy tab a running lollipop (5.0.2) Please tell me there is a way to access the previous revision of my file?! Otherwise, I lost 3 month worth of highlights and notes! Also, could you please comment on an uploading algorithm adobe uses? One would think that the old file should be kept until the new file is uploaded and its integrity is verified against the local copy (sha-512,md5,etc) Instead, I got the corrupted file presumably because the upload has failed and adobe didn't bother to keep the old one around. This is maddening. I understand I am using a free version of DC and there might be limitations in terms of features or resources available subscribers), but this is fundamental! The service seems to be missing a basic reliability! Or maybe there's a way to get it from the local cache? My settings show that the cache should be accessible to other apps but I'm having trouble locating it on my device :-( K, I did find the cache but the version in the cache appears to be corrupted as well. Checked the caches on my other devices, laptop (win10) and cellphone (lollipop). They all either have the corrupted versions or no versions at all :-((((