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    Dynamic text printing - is it possible?


      I have wasted most the day trying to find an answer to this, so if anyone knows if this isn't possible, please let me know.

      I have SWF that is loading dynamic text, which I am trying to PRINT. So basically, just a button that you hit that sends the text to a printer, nothing more nothing less, sounds simple bloody isn't!

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          2m Level 2
          If you want us to help (in contrast to letting us do your work entirely ;-) ) it would be good if you tell (better even show) us what youve done so far, and what works, and where you are stuck.

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            I do this all of the time.

            Look up the PrintJob class in the help files.

            Make sure the fields you want to print are encapsulated in a movieclip with
            an instance name you can reference.

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              airuk Level 1
              thanks for the replies, here is what i have thus far:

              the text is in a text box called scroller, their are 3 buttons; 1 to enlarge the text (+), one to reduce the text (-) and a print button.

              as you can see below, I have a print command attached to the print button that just prints the entire swf!

              When you hit the print button, I would just like to print the text at the size that has been selected at A4 is this possible?


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                2m Level 2
                The answer is yes it is possible!

                But I thing you knew that, I'm not an expert on the Print class, and as you don't tell us what happens right now when you press the button I can only take guesse at some things.

                If you print a clip (what is what you'r trying) flash prints more or less what ia on stage, so if due to scroll text is hidden on stage you would'n get it on paper this way.

                The solution is to make a new clip that shows all text (need'nt be vivisble can be off stage for example) and print that.

                Fitting it to a certain size is another matter but as you allready have expirience with that (looks like at least) I won't dwell on that.

                Fitting to a print page you will have to work with the PrintJobClass as Christopher suggested. The documetation is quite goo since Flash 2004.