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    Alpha masking


      Hey folks


      Just getting to grips with alpha masking and come up against a problem I can't seem to find an answer for - I'm probably just searching the wrong terminology or something but hoping someone here can set me on the right path!


      I have a logo which I want to be revealed by an animated mask which is tracking the movement of some orange discs which pass in front of the logo's position. I have the animated mask in a pre comp.


      The problem I have is that while the alpha mask works, it also seems to be overlaying itself so that the graphic comes out a solid black when revealed. To demonstrate, I've attached three screen grabs:


      Logo shown without mask


      Mask layer shown in progress without matte applied


      Composition shown with alpha matte applied to the graphic layer



      Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated - I've been back over my tutorials and just can't seem to spot what I'm missing!


      Thanks for your time