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    InDesign: deleting unwanted styles


      OS10.11.6 InDesign CC


      I started getting this weird problem in CS6 a year or so back. I recently plunged for CC, hoping that it would be one of the things that would have been corrected, but it seems not ...

      The problem is that when I import a Word doc and delete any unwanted imported styles (by highlighting the style(s) in the menu and clicking on the bin icon), if one style has multiple names, the menu stretches the width of the screen to include all the names. Fair enough, but from then on, every time I delete unwanted styles (paragraph and character), the menu is still way too wide. Restarting ID doesn't help - the only way I found to stop it is to delete preferences and start over. I can't find anyone having a similar problem anywhere in the forums ... can anyone help??


      Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 17.24.48.png