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    Muse Composition Auto Play Not Working When Published

    Cerastes Level 2

      I have set up a blank composition widget in MUSE to autoplay. It autoplays fine in MUSE Preview mode and in Preview in Browser mode. But now that I have published it online, it is not auto-playing.


      I publish the html into DreamWeaver and ftp it to my server from there. I have done many other sites this way so I pretty much know how to publish them this way.


      Here is my site, if you dial it up, you may not see it 'cause I am reloading it from scratch over and over 'til I get this figured out, but try it anyway please:



      In the preview modes of MUSE the first frame shows up with a yellow colored trigger because the Active state is set to yellow and so then it just begins to autoplay from there. But not in my browsers. I have tried several different browsers and on a mac and pc, and it is not auto-playing anywhere.


      My settings in MUSE are:

      Position: stacked

      Show target: on rollover

      Hide target: none

      Transition: fading

      Transition speed: 1.5

      Autoplay: 4

      Resume after: 3

      Play once: not clicked

      Others... not important.


      I believe it was working when I first uploaded it. Then I had to run out for a couple of hours. When I returned and dialed up the page, it was not transitioning automatically anymore. I thought it was like an animated .gif can run out of replays after a while so I deleted my browser cache for the day and refreshed the page, but it won't replay. So then I tried it in different browsers and on a different platform and I just won't autoplay anywhere online.


      Since then I did re-check to see if it worked still in MUSE and yes, it is autoplaying still in the preview states. So I reuploaded ALL the html, images, scripts, etc. and still not working.


      Please advise.


      Thank you!

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          PrabhakarKumar Adobe Employee

          Hi Claudia,


          The website link which you have shared is not working (Error : 404), please share the live link or the .muse file.

          To share the .muse file , upload the file to any file sharing website and share the download link with me in private message.



          Prabhakar Kumar

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            Cerastes Level 2

            So I just reuploaded the entire site for like the fifth time, this time in a new folder so everything would upload fresh. And, it's still not auto-playing. I did notice that there are none of the little pre-loader images uploading from MUSE into my images folder like they do when creating a slideshow.

            Are there supposed to be any of those happening? Maybe that's the problem because the previews probably don't need the preloader images???


            Anyway, Prabhakar, my site is now up online again. Please ignore any strange formatting of my menus because I am transition another site's content over to this one:





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              Cerastes Level 2

              I really need to get something up live on this page, so the actual site home page I took the composition widget off and am going to put up just a regular slideshow. I used the Composition widget because I want the activity dots appearing underneath.


              So, I've uploaded a test page for you. I'll send you my .muse link and the test page link.


              I actually have sub-menus created on my last two menu items "Resources" and "Community" and those are not working on the site when it's live online either.


              Something weird it happening with the scripts or something??!!??!!??

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                Cerastes Level 2



                This is NOT the correct answer to my original query. If Prabhakar had read my post completely, I mentioned I was taking the site up and down to get it to try to work properly.


                Either way, his reply here is NOT the answer to my problem. I hope folks don't ignore this thread now because it is not resolved.


                Thank you!

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                  Cerastes Level 2

                  This thread should be unmarked as "Resolved" because it has not been, I was told to call MUSE Support. Please unmark it as having a solution.


                  When I get an answer from Support I will post the correct resolution here.


                  Thank you!

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                    Cerastes Level 2

                    Well ~ I did a test and uploaded my site online through Business Catalyst then everything worked fine there. So, I ended up calling MUSE Support.


                    Support's suggestion was: rather than using DreamWeaver to upload my site via FTP, I use the option to just upload to my server using the "Upload to FTP Host" under the "File" menu.


                    This fixed it all! All menus are running fine now, and my MUSE slider on my testing page is working too. Although, I have a third party slider running on my home page now.




                    She said it seemed for some reason DW was not getting all the files it needed to run my site properly. So maybe a new bug??? Who knows???


                    Anyway, my site and all it's components are working perfectly now ~ yay! Hope this helps someone else!


                    Thank you Prabhakar too!