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    Legacy swf (CS4) loses connectivity on copy to new directory.


      Hello World.


      I have a client with 2000+ swfs structured in a simple filesystem.

      Each swf has a connection script built-in which allows it to retrieve data from a PHP/MySQL server.


      Anytime an swf (including it's source fla) is copied to a new directory, the connectivity stops working. In the browser error output, it claims that it can't find the crossdomain.xml file. Re-publishing the swf from the source fla in the new directory resolves the issue completely.


      The issue doesn't have to do with it's new position in the directory tree because the swf's position doesn't change in relation to the connectivity scripts. Nothing about the crossdomain.xml file changed either.


      Can anyone tell me if any of this sounds normal?


      tldr: do swfs get borked when you move them around in filesystems even when respecting relative linkage?


      Many thanks