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    Document SaveAs leads to missing assignment

    vinothr Level 3

      The Problem - Document SaveAs leads to assignment file missing status

      Assume that your InDesign document has an assignment (ICMA file).

      If you SaveAs your document to a new location, then the new document will have the assignment file missing.

      The assignment file location refers to old location and the file name changes to originalname-X.icma (where X is 1, 2, 3, etc.)


      Fixing Manually:

      Assignments panel in InDesign provide you a way wherein you can specify new location for assignment.

      The Change Assignment Location options does the trick.


      Scripting Solution?

      To my knowledge, there is no way in the scripting DOM to address this issue.

      What other good options are available in the Scripting DOM to address this.

      It is desired to move the assignment file to new location retaining same name of the file.