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    When importing into scene to After Effects

    justinf17886851 Level 1

      Love the product and have been testing for several months now!

      Maybe I'm just not skilled enough at Ae, but say I'm recording object X moving in Ch and then import it into Ae, but when I want to mask the comp and change the position of the object, the mask moves with it. Why is Ae pulling in the entire 1920x1080 scene and manipulating it instead of just the object I'm trying to incorporate into the scene? I thought these were on png so they can preserve the transparency thus isolating the object. Thanks in advance. You guys are amazing!

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          It is normal that the mask will move with the composition when you're altering its Position Property. if you want to move the mask alone, you should alter its Mask Path propertiy Instead of the Position property of the Comp. Select your Comp where you put your Mask on then hit 'M' twice on your keyboard and it will show you the Mask Properties. Hope this answers your question.

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            KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Exporting a scene from Ch does preserve the transparent background. And when the scene is brought into After Effects the puppet can be moved around in the comp.


            Here's an example with the Fury puppet, The amusement park was added in Ae.



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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              One thing you might want to try is changing your scene dimensions in CH. Click on your scene name in the project panel (with the little clapboard icon next to it) and look to the properties panel on the right, where you can change dimensions and framerate. Those dimensions determine how big your PNGs are on export - so if your character is only taking up 1/3 of the screen, try reducing the dimensions to crop a little closer to the character (making sure not to cut too tightly and cut off any critical arm/head animations). This will make the file sizes smaller too.