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    Cannot remove all Adobe cloud apps


      2 problems:

      - i throw most of my adobe apps in the bin - and removed them.. (unfortunately i just saw a tutorial that was warning not to do this...)

      - there are stil some apps (like the creative cloud app) left which i cannot uninstall. If i try to do so the app get an error. If i try to use the cloud app to download a program it stays on 42%



      How do i get all the Adobe-files deleted so that i can start from scratch?

      What are the steps i have to take?


      Info about my mac:

      iMac (27 inch)

      version 10.11.6 (OS x El Capitan)



      I had problems with updating my apps so i want to use the Cleaner Tool; therefor you have to remove all Adobe products. I throw them in the bin.. i just read that isn't a good thing to do...


      Hope someone has the right steps to fix this!