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    Too many issues on adobe.com!!!




      I made a couple of orders yesterday, but they don't appear in my account, under Plans & Products -> Order History.

      It's been more than 24 hours, and both are missing still.

      I also get the same "You'll be able to manage this plan shortly." for my CC plan since then!


      I really need customer help as well, since one of the two purchases I made wasn't intentional -- but I'm unable to click the Chat option under Contact Options!

      (adobe.com was extremely slow in response and I thought my session has died after submitting the initial purchase. Also took quite a while until the *first* confirmation email was received. I didn't know my order was correctly finalized and this was why I made the second purchase).

      I was able to use chat yesterday, but the representative said he has some issues with my account and viewing my orders, so he's unable to refund - and asked me to return again later. Obviously no cigar with that since then!!!


      Also, whenever I log in adobe.com - my name does not appear at the top right corner so I'm unable to reach my account page, unless I manually go to accounts.adobe.com, but that's just a minor annoyance.


      I'm turning to the forums with hope to get help from an Adobe rep (if they ever even look at these forums..), since I'm unable to receive it otherwise.


      Adobe - please help!