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    how to setting render with best result but small size

    arvyt62488061 Level 1

      okay, i kinda confuse

      i do often flat motion graphic project with 2-3minute duration with resolution 1920x1080

      the setting i often to use is h.264 for mp4.

      before i thought that normal, with size around 70-100mb

      even i try render with 720p or 480p, the result maybe only reduce around 20% become 30-50mb


      but recently i download tutorial video from youtube. most of the 720p .mp4

      with duration 20-30minute, but the size around 70-100mb too, but they have long duration, its 10x duration my video...


      what the different here? why my 2-3minute video have same size with 20-30minute video?

      is there any setting to achieve that? so my 2-3minute video have more small size?