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    Lightroom CC Snapshots


      Lightroom cc in Develop mode using W10. All left hand panels open with drop down lists, except Snapshots which will not open to access several photos in there.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are saying that the Snapshots option isn't displaying, right-click on one of the other panel headers and make sure there is a checkmark for Snapshots.

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            Gossie42 Level 1

            The option is displaying, but refuses to open.



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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              Assuming you have actually made snapshots at steps in an image development! (By clicking the + on the snapshot panel header)

              No snapshots - no show!

              So have you made snapshots?

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                Gossie42 Level 1

                Yes, I have several.


                When I add a photo it shows in the panel initially, but when I try to view

                it later the panel will not open.


                I have tried right click, left click and drag without success. I must be

                doing something wrong as Lightroom CC is not unique to my laptop.


                Regards, Alan

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Alan, can you list the steps in detail that you do to create snapshots.


                  Some of your comments do not make sense to me of your workflow- "access several photos", "right click, left click and drag".

                  Are you naming the snapshots as you create them, or just accepting the default Date/Time format.



                  'Snapshots' are just saved steps in the 'History' of one image as you make many adjustments to that one image in the Develop module.

                  If you do not make snapshots, then it can be more difficult to look through a long list of History to find the steps that you liked.


                  I rarely make snapshots, but prefer to instead make Virtual Copies. This gives me visual thumbnail previews of the same image that I develop with different results. And I can make a variety of Virtual copies by selecting different steps in History, and be able to see them all in the grid view.

                  Snapshots OTOH are only visible when you click on the snapshot name in the Snapshots Panel when looking at an image in the Develop module.

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                    JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

                    Snapshots only show for the particular image that you are developing.  They will not appear for other images where you have previously created snapshots.

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                      Gossie42 Level 1

                      Thanks for your response.


                      JoeKostoss has answered my question by pointing out that Snapshots only

                      retains images being developed currently, not snapshots of previous images.



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                        Gossie42 Level 1

                        Thanks for your response. I must be a bit thick as I had assumed all

                        previous snapshots would be retained until deleted by me. My only excuse is

                        it is all new to me.



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                          I have a question I don't know where to begin looking...... Am I able to hook up my camera to light room and actually picture from light room ?

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                            Bob Somrak Level 6

                            If you are talking about tethering than you can if your camera and Lightroom version are supported for tethering.  You need to start a new thread as this thread about snapshots has nothing to do with tethering.