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    Wrong face movement




      I didn't find an answer on this in the forums. When I move my characters head around, the face moves kind of in the wrong direction. I just grouped several heads together in AI. Before that everything was working properly.


      Here's a snippet: Adobe Creative Cloud

      And the project files: Adobe Creative Cloud


      Appreciate the help.


      Cheers. Timm

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          In the video it looks like the face stuff is all independent, right? Try removing the + from those features and see if that looks better. This character's head kinda blends into his body more than an independent neck-pivoting head, so that might work.


          Moving the origin point of the head could help too - select the head group in PS/AI and find the "Head" yellow circle and drag it down. See 11:37 in this video for more about that:



          The other option would be to select all your independent parts and go to Puppet > Staple Puppet to Parent. Stapling nails down independent parts well - see 12:50 in the above video for a little more info on that.


          Hope that helps! If not lemme know.

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            treppenmanfred Level 1

            Thanks alot,


            moving the origin did it for me. Unchecking 'warp independently' of alls the individual parts (mouth, eyes, eyebrows, etc.) pinned parts of the head. Don't know, what that is all about. But for my problem is solved.


            Cheers. Timm