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    Updating ColdFusion Site for Modern Browsers

    likeomgitznich Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I built a site for a company, all modern stuff. The website has a section that is hooked to a ColdFusion site(?) Unfortunately the portal is so old that it need to be set into compatibility mode in order to function. However, when you set the site to compatibility mode the site doesn't render (I am assuming because it uses more modern html5 code and it doesnt know what to do with it)

      So the question is, is it possible update old .cfm files in order to function on the modern web (easily, this is the first time i ever heard of coldfusion)? Also, it is running on ColdFusion MX 7...and I really dont think they are willing to upgrade.

      If anyone is interested this is the old portal.

      And thank you so much in advance