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    Background music

    Son of Kong
      Hi there... I have made a small cartoon with sound effects added. To make it more like a real movie (or cartoon) I desperately need music in the background. As I said my cartoon is only small as it's meant to be the intro to my story line. It's made up of nine scenes. I would like to have a music track running in the background but this is where I'm struggling. I can add music to the first scene but when it reaches the end of that scene and moves on to the second it stops?????? I would like the same music maybe to continue till the 3rd scene at least. I checked this forum out earlier on this morning and thought I'd gotten my answer from a post of last year were the member said he solved this one by saving his group of scenes as a .swf file and importing it as a .fla then add the sound... this works to a point but I found that my animations didn't work and the sound effects already in there did'nt work either. Can some one please advise how I can have the much needed music??????? ta very much.