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    Shockwave Slim Install doesn't download SWA Streaming Xtra

      Hi all, I'm having a frustrating time trying to fix this problem, hope someone can help. I have a Director project (MX 2004, 10.1.1) that ends up as a Shockwave movie on a website. It makes heavy use of Shockwave Streaming Audio and is therefore dependent on the SWA xtras (namely: "SWA Decompression PPC Xtra" and "SWA Streaming PPC Xtra" and their efficiently named Windows alternatives) that have been removed from the default Shockwave installer (the "Slim Install"; re: http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_19523). I've been getting lots of reports of "Xtra not found..." errors lately, mainly from people installing SW for the first time, and are thusly installing the new "slim install" version.

      Now, supposedly this shouldn't be a problem, as the movie has the "Download if needed" option checked in the Modify->Movie->Xtras dialog and for a while I thought it may have been an errant thing or a PEBKAC but after reading the above referenced tech note I've been able to reproduce the error by uninstalling SW (I had a full install, so I already had the xtras on my system) and reinstalling via the "slim installer." The movie loads, the status bar says "Downloading Xtras..." or some such and then looks to be working fine until a streaming audio file is loaded at which point the "Xtra not found" error pops up and then the movie bails from errors.

      So I look in my Shockwave plugin's Xtras folder (on OS x: ~/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/Shockwave 10/Xtras/Download/MacromediaInc/SWA - phew!) and there I find... The decompression Xtra but the streaming xtra is nowhere to be found. Nothing I've tried has worked to get it to correctly download the "SWA Streaming PPC Xtra" automagically.

      I realize that from now on I can direct people to install the full version if they haven't before installed any version, but if they've already installed the "slim install" and it won't download these Xtras it means they have to call and I have to tell them they need to install the full version... This, of course, means telling them to uninstall Shockwave and then reinstall with the full version to which they all smile and respond, "Oh, ok, cool! That sounds like fun." :-[ That's a less than ideal solution, in my opinion, so I'm trying to find a way to get it to download these Xtras correctly.

      So I looked in the "Activity" window in Safari while the page with the movie loads and, sure enough, one of the resources it requests is the SWA.carb file located here: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/shockwave10.1/xtras/SWA.carb and it downloads it without error or fail, but only one of the accompanying Xtras is actually downloaded and installed in the user's Xtras folder.

      In the tech note about the slim installer, it mentions this:


      ...the 10.1 version of the Shockwave Player now includes its own copy of all Macromedia Xtra package download URLs. Therefore, a given Macromedia Xtra only needs to appear in the movie's Xtra list in order to participate in the auto-download feature of the player.

      Which sounds like it should download the 2 Xtras whether "download if needed" is checked or not (it is), but it doesn't download the streaming xtra.

      Is it possible the download URLs in the Shockwave Player are incorrect?

      Has anyone else had this problem and/or have any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance, and apologies for the length - just trying to be thorough,