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    open pop up window..what isthe best way??

    batgirl_Sa Level 1
      ok i am going nuts....

      what is the BEST way to open a pop up window from my flash site?

      when i click the button i want a pop up window to open that opens to the right of the site and its size is 400 by 500..

      i tried several ways but i am having a problem testing it..... the ways i tried were

      1)putting the function in my html page and i call the function from the flash site... ok this only works when i test it from the HTML page that has my flash site embedded in ti

      2) another way i tried was to put this script on the click button
      getURL ("javascript:n_name=window.open('menu pages.swf','new_name1','width=400,height=700');void(0);");
      but when i test it from the test movie in flash it doesnt come out and i dont know if it is because i am doing something wrong or because it i am having a problem with pop-ups on my machine....

      anyway i may have not made sense so bottom line i want to know what is the BEST way to open up a pop up window with a specific size...