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    After Effects for Webbanners


      Hey people of knowledge,


      from the header I take it your answer would be "use animate cc" and yes, I mostly agree, but hear me out.


      I want to use them nice After Effects Animations for a Webbanner that then will be used by the coders to assemble a webbanner through pure magic or stuff I don't understand. The days I used Flash are older then my dead dog, so idea what happened on that front (also never was a big fan), so is it possible through clever h264 export (which is kinda recommended by everybody) to export the layers with animation and use them even if it's all hardcoded and rasterized?

      Like efficiently of course.


      Or any idea of getting stuff out of After Effects to be used in a html web banner?

      I am thankful for leads too.


      Thanks for your time!