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    Editing CSS in exported HTML


      Hi Community,


      I was using a third party vendor to insert a payment form into Muse. Essentially there was a problem with the the form not appearing in some browsers. So after talking to the third party vendor developers they gave me a rule to change:


      If you navigate to the Donate URL (http://www.communitylinc.org/donate.html) and right click on the page, you will see an option for view page source.


      The rule that is causing the issue is located in this CSS file:




      In this file, instead of the code saying webkit-appearance:none it needs to say webkit-appearance:radio instead.


      I exported HTML from Muse and found the right rule, edited it and now I don't know if I should re-upload the edited CSS or how I can make it appear on the browser. Is this even possible?


      Thank you!